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Hello! I'm Brandon Born. Senior Web Developer and Scrum Master with a love for full stack development. With over 10 years of experience in web development I've seen projects big and small. I have a love for javascript and the MEAN stack (gasp) but I know that one size does not fit all so I am proficient in technologies from .NET to SQL. I am passionate about programming and doing an awesome job on any project I am tasked with, the harder the better.

Professional Skills

JavaScript 100%
Node 100%
Mongo 100%
CSS & SASS 100%
Ionic 75%
Angular/AngularJS 80%
T-SQL & MySQL 80%
.NET 75%

Recent Projects

2016 - Present

Esri Training Site

Lead Developer/Scrum Master


One Of Us





My Esri Portal



ArcGIS for Developers


Work Experience


Stone & Blade Inc


We are a web/mobile development firm that does both project and consultant work. We are passionate developers who want to make awesome apps while sharpening our coding skills. In 2017 we released our first Ionic based app, One Of Us, on Android and are working on our next project.



Lead Developer

I have worked on many different projects during my tenure at Esri. I am most proud of the Esri Training site which I was the lead developer and SCRUM master for. We are constantly pushing our boundaries making the best possibile solution for our stakeholdes

2007 - 2013



I started my career at DNTG after graduating from college. I learned .NET and SQL while writing my first real world application. We contracted for Ria Money Transfer and wrote a business to business money transfer system.


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Bachelor's In Computer Engineering
2002 - 2007

My Interests

I am a big fan of board and video games. From grand strategy to action RPGs if the difficulty is ramped up I am totally pulled in. Also, I am lucky enough to live in beautiful Montana and I take advantage of that by going boating and hiking at every opportunity.

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